How to choose a truly unique gift

One of the nicest compliments that I ever received was that I selected thoughtful gifts. While some people might prefer to be lavished with accolades for their beauty or their brains, I think that one of the nicest things that could be said about an individual is that they are considerate.


The feeling of warmth and care that I feel when selecting the perfect gift for a loved one is truly special, and when I unwrap something that has been similarly selected for me I feel joy. I love giving really great gifts, but I know that everyone isn’t as excited about choosing gifts as I am.


Choosing a great gift might be easy when it comes to your sister or cousin, but we all have someone in our lives that it is impossible to shop for. Here are some tried and true tips and tricks designed to help you choose a great gift for your loved ones and friends.


  • There are no rules – I once read that you should never buy a friend or family member an article of clothing. I suppose that the rationale was that you might select the wrong size and offend them, but I am here to say that I think this is absurd. As long as you are reasonably sure about their size (or you can get a gift receipt), you can feel free to buy them a lovely scarf, blouse or even a pair of shoes. Nothing is off the table – allow your gut instinct to guide you to the best gifts.
  • Choose something that brings you joy – If you see something that brings you joy or puts a smile on your face, chances are it will similarly inspire your friend or loved one. A gorgeous piece of artwork, a sculpture or a candle can all bring laughter, love and excitement to their life.
  • Think outside the box – When it comes to giving a great gift, you don’t have to rely on something wrapped up neatly in a bow. How about a voucher for an experience, or taking a cooking class together, or even hopping on a plane for a cheap and cheerful mini-break? Unique gifts do not have to come in a package.
  • Give something extra – I firmly believe that if you give a gift that lasts the test of time, you’ve nailed it. There’s something magical about presenting your friend or loved one with a gift that will be used for years. That’s one of the reasons we love our candles so much – with every candle you give, you are giving a container that can be reused and repurposed for years to come. Think of the joy you will feel too, when they pull out their Anni Edwards printed enamel mug on a family camping trip, 5 years from now.

Remember – giving a great gift is not a secret talent that only a few possess. If you follow these simple tips and think outside the box, you can give your friends and family a gift that will make them truly happy + last for years. That’s the best gift of all!