Does the perfect gift release the ‘happy hormone?’

We here at Anni Edwards have long known that giving one of our gift candles makes you feel great – but it turns out that there is a scientific reason behind this feeling!


We all know that it feels great to receive a gift from a friend or loved one. It can feel just as wonderful to give a perfectly selected gift! Whether you are giving or receiving, gifts strengthen the bonds between friends, family and colleagues. You just feel good! But it turns out that giving and receiving gifts is about a lot more than simple camaraderie and friendship.


Scientists are increasingly finding that our ‘happy’ feelings are related to a hormone called oxytocin. According to Psychology Today, “The "love molecule," oxytocin, is the chemical foundation for trusting others. Activated by positive social interactions, it makes us care about others in tangible ways, and it motivates us to work together for a common purpose.”


One of the ways that they suggest you can boost your oxytocin levels? Giving or receiving a gift! If gifts make you happy by releasing oxytocin, the team here at Anni Edwards are certainly in the business of the ‘happy hormone.’ We are the experts at finding the perfect gift for any occasion – if any old gift boosts oxytocin, a specially selected present will likely boost it even more!


We have created the following thoughtful gifts, perfect for any occasion. Your recipient will have the pleasure of experiencing our high-quality highly-fragranced candles while they burn.


Check out three candles in our gift line:


1 – The Mixologist Pink Fizz Cocktail Candle

This is a lovely way to share in a celebration with your loved ones, such as a very happy birthday or a new job or new home. It will make anyone who loves a bit of sparkling wine very happy indeed! The Pink Fizz fragrance is gorgeous – effervescent bubbly, sweet grapefruit, juicy Brazilian orange and chubby pink pomelo. And at the end, when the candle flame has flickered for the last time, they have a reusable stainless-steel cocktail shaker to make their own concoctions!


2 – The Stay Wild Sea Salt + Driftwood Enamel Mug Candle

Do you have someone that loves the outdoors in your life? Give the gift of the outdoors along with the gift of a beautifully printed reusable enamel mug. This stunning candle is a mesmerising floral marine scent where refreshing notes of seaweed and green algae lie in cool rock pools, livened by a fresh coastal breeze. And the unbreakable enamel mug is great for a hot chocolate around the campfire. Perfect for the next outdoor adventure!


3 – The Black Pepper + Sandalwood Paint Tin Candle

If you know someone who has a creative side to them, our Paint Tin candles are a great gift.  It is a bold + complex fragrance with top notes of leather, tobacco, amber + musk which give way to tones of patchouli + sandalwood. And the paint tin can be reused in so many ways – we have pens, pencils, paint brushes and all sorts in ours! This candle is a welcome addition to any one’s home.


Here’s something we can all be happy about: all of our high-quality candles are hand-poured in England. They use 100% natural wax, lovely fragrance oils and a cotton wick. They all burn for more than 40 hours – an amazing gift!

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