Is reusing better than recycling? With our reusable candle jars, the answer is ‘yes’

As we head into a new decade, more and more people are interested in reducing their environmental impact. While recycling has been commonplace in the UK for more than 20 years, people are increasingly realising that reusing is actually better for the planet.

While you might pat yourself on the back every time you toss an empty fizzy drink can into the recycling bin, is this really the best you can do? Experts say no. Even when you recycle them, single use items are very hard on the environment.

Not only do they have to be manufactured in the first place, they then need to be packaged and shipped. When you recycle them, they need to be transported to the plant, and then heaps of energy and resources are used to break them down. If you had reused one of your existing possessions, all of these resources would be saved – and the planet would breathe a sigh of relief.

When it comes to candles, a topic near and dear to our heart, the topic of recycling really hits close to home.  While most glass candle jars can be reused around the house, they have a limited purpose. There’s only so many uses you can find for the same type of non-airtight jar. If you try to recycle them, you’ll often find that the dyed and coloured glass can’t be recycled.

This drive to protect the planet and prevent trash from ending up in the landfill is one of the reasons that led us to create our candle company. We carefully select the vessels your candle comes in, to ensure they are not only reusable but useful too. You won’t find standard glass candle jars in our candle ranges.

The result? A high-quality candle, without the waste. And your environmental footprint will be lower. That’s good for you – and the planet.

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