All our candles are designed to have a long + purposeful life, long after the wax inside is gone. Every candle vessel is chosen because it can be re-used again + again. We've listed a few of our favourite ways to re-purpose them below, but the possibilities are endless. They're too pretty to throw away anyway.


Share your re-purposed pictures with us using the hashtag #ANNIEDWARDSREPURPOSED


1. If you want to keep it simple, just pop a tealight candle into your used vessel to let the candle light live on. We've drilled some holes in our paint tin candles, attached a handle and use them as lanterns outside in summer.
2. Our Mixologist range is an easy one - Pina Colada or G&T anyone? We have many cocktail shakers on the go with friends on a Saturday night, when everyone wants a different cocktail!
3. Stationary items such as pencils, pens, paint brushes and scissors fit well in our paint tins. Get your office area organised.
4. Add a little greenery to your home by turning vessels into planters, either planting herbs or small succulents. We have a paint tin herb garden on the go right now! 
5. The unbreakable Stay Wild enamel mugs are perfect for drinking all sorts - whether it's a mug cocktail on the grass in the summer months, or a hot chocolate in front of the tele or whilst out camping around the fire.




Our candles use natural wax, which has a lower melting point than paraffin wax. It's fairly easy to clean your jar with just some warm water and soap.  

Use a spoon to loosen + scoop out as much of the left-over wax as possible, also removing the wick collar (the metal bit at the end of the wick). You might need to pry it a bit if it's stuck down. 

Let the jar sit for a while to loosen the wax, then wash it under warm running water to remove any last bits of wax from the inside of the jar. A final rinse will make it sparkle and ready for re-use!