One of the most common questions that we get here at Anni Edwards is – “so, what exactly is a jewellery candle, anyway?”

We know that there are so many wonderful people out there who would love a jewellery candle, but they don’t know that they exist! For this reason, here at Anni Edwards HQ, we want to take a few minutes to explain exactly what our jewellery candles are, and why they make such great gifts or treats for yourself.

So, what is an Anni Edwards Jewellery Candle? 

It’s a candle, but not as you know it.  Hidden in the depths of your jewellery candle is a beautiful piece of high-quality, sterling silver jewellery - beautiful rings, cute charms, dainty necklaces, and beautiful bracelets. Each piece is different, allowing you to curate your own stunning collection of keepsakes.

Our jewellery candles are a dynamic mix of two amazing gifts – a high-quality scented candle and a beautiful piece of jewellery. Think of this as a 2 for 1 bonus – enjoy the aromas of the beautifully scented natural wax candle (they burn for over 60 hours!), and then when the candle melts, you’ll discover a gold foil package containing your jewellery surprise.

You get to choose which type of scented candle you’ll receive of course, but the actual piece of jewellery will be a surprise. There are over 100 pieces for you to discover, including beautiful rings, cute charms, dainty necklaces, and beautiful bracelets.

The fun is in finding something new and different every time you burn one of our candles – it’s so addictive you’ll want to collect them all!

It’s the ultimate gift for people who love surprises or something a little bit different. 

Our jewellery candles make a perfect gift for friends, family or even a colleague. Or go on – treat yourself!

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We say no to cheap ingredients

While a few other companies offer jewellery candles, we pride ourselves in the quality of our ingredients. Our candles are all hand-poured in our workshop in Surrey, and we only use 100% natural wax, each blended with a gorgeous array of fragrance and essential oils. These come to you in a beautifully diamond printed reusable glass jar with a pure cotton wicks (that is free of lead, tin or zinc).

We source our jewellery from trusted suppliers, many of whom stock well-known high street stores. Each piece is checked and passed through quality control before making its way into a candle.

Our high-quality candles will burn clean and evenly for over 60 hours, and they provide a lovely and continuous scent that fills your entire room. Our scents include: Lime, Basil + Mandarin, English Rose Garden and Zanzibar.

How do our jewellery candles work?

Our jewellery candles are incredibly easy to use! 


Step 1: Light your lovely candle, and enjoy its scent. Over time as the wax melts, your gold foil pouch will be revealed. Patience is required here! It usually takes between 10-15 hours to reveal your pouch. 

Step 2: When you see your gold pouch emerge, snuff out the candle. Using tweezers, remove the foil pouch and wipe it clean with a tissue. 

Step 3: Let the foil cool completely, and then you can unwrap your surprise to reveal your beautiful charm or ring!


If there is any wax on your jewellery, just rinse it under warm water and pat dry. It won’t damage it.


What kind of jewellery will you find inside?

Our 100% natural candles each contain one piece of sterling silver jewellery. Finding the exact design inside is all part of the surprise and part of the fun. There are over 100 designs to discover! You’ll be amazed by the designs and the high quality.

Order today and prepare to be surprised!



Your beautiful gold diamond printed candle jar is reusable - all our candle vessels are designed to have a long + purposeful life, long after the wax inside is gone. Why not plant some bulbs in your jar to brighten up your home or organise make-up brushes, lipsticks or cotton wool in them?

The possibilities are endless – if you find a great way to reuse your jar, share it with us using the hashtag #ANNIEDWARDSREPURPOSED