pictures of Anni Edwards

Anni Edwards candle company is an artisan candle studio located in the beautiful Surrey hills. Our candles contain 3 simple ingredients: 100% natural wax, cotton wicks + premium fragrance oils.
What sets us apart is our reusable candle containers. Every container has another life, once the wax inside is gone. We call it repurposing. 
All of our products are hand-poured upon order in our little studio. You are truly supporting a handcrafted UK business when you purchase from us.

 A bit about what’s in our candles 
We use 100% natural wax in our candles which not only provides a longer burn time, but doesn’t omit any toxins into the air.
Our wax is biodegradable + water soluble, which means it’s easy to wash out your containers to reuse them.
The wicks are made from cotton + are free of lead, tin and zinc.
Each candle is hand-poured in small batches in our workshop, to maintain a high level of quality.